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Our team in 2019 celebrated 10 years of successful business. That makes us very happy, especially knowing that we still have clients that was with us from the beginning. Thank you all!

We are young, yet experienced team who loves technology innovations. Also, we are entrepreneurs in one hand so we know what business needs to be effective and productive, on the other hand we have passion for IT, because we see it as a tool to help business flows and achieve previously mentioned goals.

Keeping in mind that each business activity is unique and special, we approach each client individually.


It is individual approach that makes it possible for us to tailor your system with more quality, bringing you more profit and efficiency through systematic monitoring and control.

Management system policy

Our main mission is to be recognized for quality and information security in our products and services providing customer success. 


 This will be achieved through: 


  • Consideration of context of the organization and aligning the Quality and Information Security Management System with our strategic directions 
  • Satisfying interested parties and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements 
  • Management of organization, along with employee-established quality and information security objectives and defined responsibilities for their fulfilment  
  • Establishing, applying, maintaining and continual improvement of effectiveness of Quality and Information Security Management System  
  • Tracking and applying new technologies and educating employees 
  • Careful selection of suppliers 
  • Commitment to increase quality and information security of our products and services in order to exceed customers’ expectations 
  • Making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job 
  • Ensuring that our Policy and Management Manual reflect what we actually do 
  • Continuously upgrading the Quality and Information Security Management System in all stages ranging from Consulting, designing, implementation, maintenance of information systems and customer support  
  • CEO is responsible for communicating the Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and making it available to the public. 

Contact us for specific offer if you need:

  • your server to be more effective
  • to cut down expenses for your licenses using open-source tools and programs
  • control your business with simple and powerful ERP and CRM applications, primarily we work with Odoo
  • server maintenance, upgrades, backups and so on, we work when you sleep
  • client workstations support
  • innovative solutions to help your business grow


We will be happy to advise you in any of the above questions, feel free to contact us.


Procudo team

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You are ambitious and have specific set of IT skills? 
Contact us at info@procudo.hr and join our team!

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