Office 365

Upgrade Your bussiness with Office 365 tools for communication, collaboration, and document

storage. And all this in a safe, reliable and easy way!


Data Integrity and Security

Do you know when was the last successful backup of your crucial data?

One of the most important resource in today’s business is information. Secure your

data with regular backups and take control of who can see what!



Keeping in mind that each business activity is unique and special, we approach each client individually.

Office 365 services

Office 365 is a set of popular business tools
(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook …) for processing and
storage of documents, collaboration and
communication. Packages are dimensioned
depending on your needs, you get optimal
price ratio and service portfolio. All tools are in
cloud, which increases security and availability for
all services!

IT Support & Outsource Services

If your organization does not have IT department, why not outsource it? Most of the problems is possible to solve remote. If you have IT department, you can always ask for our help, and we will gladly respond to your request. We can jump in for maintenance of backups, database checks, web site adjustments etc. which are all recommended to be scheduled after working hours.

Infrastructure Solutions

For every business you need a good underlying technology that efficiently and reliably runs your software applications. We implement all kinds of infrastructure solutions that helps your company stay focused on its core business.

It is individual approach that makes it possible for us to tailor your system with more quality, bringing you more profit and efficiency through systematic monitoring and control.