Cookies uses cookies. The information on cookies is stored in your browser. They perform various functions, like recognising your returned visit to our website, and help us determine which sections of the site are most interesting and useful to you. By visiting and using this website, you agree to the use of cookies, which can be blocked.

What is a cookie?


Cookies are pieces of information stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone by a website you visit. Cookies generally store your settings in relation to the website you visit (e.g. preferred language). This enables the site to show you information adapted to your needs during your next visit. Cookies usually consist of numbers and letters that identify your computer, but they can sometimes contain other information as well.

What is the purpose of cookies?


Cookies are necessary for a website to function properly, they are always enabled and required for the performance of basic functions, such as site navigation. Websites cannot function properly without cookies.

Permanent or stored cookies remain on your computer after you have closed your browser. Websites use them to store data, such as username and password, so that it is not necessary for you to log in every time you visit a certain site.

Temporary cookies, or session cookies are removed from the computer when you close your browser. Websites use them to store temporary data. uses cookies and other tracking technology for the purpose of recognising you and your interests, memorising your preferences and understanding the way you use our website in order to show you relevant advertisements. We also use cookies and other technology in order to track access to specific content on our website, for website protection and processing of all requests you send us.

For the purpose of managing our website, as well as for research purposes, also contracted tracking and analysis of statistical data on the use and quantity of information about the users of our website with third-party service providers. These third-party service providers use permanent cookies in order to help us improve user experience, manage our website content and analyse the way our users navigate and use our website.

We use Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Adwords remarketing and Facebook pixel to help us better understand the way you use our website. We collect information on the number of visitors and what they view on our website.

You can find more information on the technologies used by third parties under the following URLs:

Google Analytics:

Google Adwords:

How to manage cookies?


Users can prevent cookies being stored on their device. However, blocking all cookies can affect the use of many websites, including this one.

You can manage cookie settings in your web browser. You can find information on how to delete and disable cookies in the Help menu of your browser. If you completely disable the use of cookies, it is possible that certain aspects of the website will not function properly.

You can find URLs which disable cookies in the most commonly used browsers below:






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